About : Dr. Vivek Kaduskar

I am practising independantly as GP since 2001. Apart from my clinics, I also provide my services at my residence clinic and through home visits. But no emergency services. I apply my best knowledge and experience of this field to improve and maintain the quality of life of my customers (patients). This is a service industry, so I have to address the need of my patients and guide them honestly for their safety and good health. My other objective is also to fulfill the needs of my family, so I have to charge reasonably to all the services provided by me.

I do provide home visit services for my patients but as the distance between both of my clinics is > 10 kms, I cannot provide immediate services all the time. So, I have decided to provide home visits for Non emergency calls only.

My patients are from all the religions & casts (Hindu, Muslims, Jains, Parsi, Sikh, Sindhis, etc) and also from all economical class. I had purchased a GP software in 2005 to keep the records of my patients and their treatment and I am using it since then. I have database of more than 8000 patients at clinic 1 and more than 2000 patients at clinic 2.

Dr. Vivek A Kaduskar

List of treatment and care provided by me includes

  • All types of Fever like Malaria, Dengue, T.B., Pneumonia, Viral fever, Flu, Jaundice for adults and children
  • Diarrea, vomiting and other related GI tract problems
  • Urinary tract infections, piles, female menstrual problems, Sexual disorders & diseases
  • Skin and cosmetic diseases like hairloss, fungal infections, boils, Acne treatment etc.
  • Minor surgical procedures like Abscess drainage, corn removal, removal of Dermoid cyst and Sebaceous cyst, removal of infected or inverted toe nails etc.
  • Burns care, management of minor accidental injuries with Stiches
  • Vaccination like tetnus, Flu (Swine flu), typhoid vaccination, Rabies etc.
  • Management & guidance of Mental illness like Anxiety, insomnia (Sleepless nights), Depression, alcoholism
  • Management of Diabetes, Hypertension (BP), Thyroid disorders
  • Also provide -Blood sugar measurement with Glucometer, ECG (Cardiogram) facility, Nebuliser facility

What does a GP or ‘Family Practice Physician’ do?

In the modern world, family doctors provide the majority of care for people of all backgrounds. Often called general practitioners or primary care physicians, family doctors create relationships with and serve entire families. This type of practice is a medical specialty devoted to comprehensive health care and is based on knowledge of the patient and his or her family history. A family practice physician performs many duties for patients of all ages, such as providing continuing healthcare for acute and chronic illnesses as well as emphasizing disease prevention.

Taking care of the physical, emotional and mental health of patients and their families is the main goal of family practice physicians. These doctors typically are trained in all areas of medicine and have the ability to diagnose and treat a wide variety of symptoms and problems. They also provide preventative care, which includes routine checkups, immunizations, screening tests, health risk assessments and suggestions on how to make healthy lifestyle choices. Some of these doctors even deliver babies. When a family practice physician identifies a major health issue, he or she usually refers his patient to a specialist.

The typical educational background and training for a family practice physician includes an undergraduate degree like MBBS, BHMS (Homeopath), BAMS (Ayurved) or BUMS (Unanai) in India. Most doctors of this type continue to educate themselves to learn the current trends in treatment and technologies as well as the latest medical breakthroughs. Most family doctors usually practice in small-group private practices, solo or in hospital practices. They often have long workdays, filled with a stream of incoming patients.

1) Clinic 1: Bhullabhai Park clinic :

This clinic is near Kankaria football ground near Geetamandir road. This clinic was established by Dr. A.B. Vyas (Dr. Ambalal B. Vyas) in 1963. He practised uptil 2001 and then retired. I purchased this clinic from him with full "Goodwill & practice". I am practicing in this clinic since 6th June 2001. It's near to S.T. bus stand and betweet Kalupur & Maninagar railway stations. It is very conveniently located in the city area easily approachable from all the areas. It's walking distance from Bhullabhai park BRTS bus stand. My wife joined me here from 2003. She practiced as my assistant here till 2008 but now she only provides her services at our Satellite clinic.

2) Clinic 2: Satellite clinic Or Home clinic :

We have started a second clinic in Satellite area in Aug 2005. Initially that was in Anandnagar area, near Seema Hall. That was 1 km from my residence that is at Prahladnagar garden. So, people also started coming to our residence whenever I wasn't available at Satellite clinic. So, after 4-5 year we shifted our clinic to our residence to save time and provide better services. So, now we call it Home clinic OR Satellite Clinic. We constructed a ground floor consulting room to provide dedicated space at our bunglow to give privacy to my patients as well as my family too. Here my wife also provides "Homeopathic consulting and treatment" besides taking care of my family.

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It is one of the commonest problems in all age groups. It’s protective phenomena of the body to sound “Alert” to all the defense mechanisms of our body. To understand and treat fever, we need to evaluate the cause of it. It can be due to various infections ranging from Viruses, Bacterial, Protozoal or from autoimmune and other various causes. Various sighs, symptoms and pathological reporting leads us to the diagnosis of it.
Malaria, Typhoid, Dengue, Pneumonia, various viral infections like Flu & Tuberculosis are commonest in our day to day practice.

GI Tract Problems

GI Tract Problems:

We often see issues related to unhygienic & unhealthy food & water consumptions. This leads to other commonest symptoms like Diarrhea, nausea-vomitings, abdominal cramps with fever. We not only to manage this problems but also encourage & educate the patients about healthy food and drinking habits.

Diabetes & Hypertension

Diabetes & Hypertension

India has the largest population in the world suffering from Diabetes. We are genetically more prone to these diseases. Lack of exercise, our faulty food habits, alcohol consumption, tobacco usage all add to this menace. Patients from all age groups, ethnic & economical classes are suffering from it. Educating people about diabetes, hypertension and their side effects are also important in management of it.

Urinary tract problems

Urinary tract problems:

Urinary tract infection is also very common in hot Indian summers. Other common issues are (KUB) stones with severe pain. Hot climate, less intake of liquids, high concentration of minerals in drinking water, may be one of the reasons.

Abscesses, Boils, acne and other conditions

Abscesses, Boils, acne and other conditions:

Skin is our largest organ. Bacterial and viral infections of skin are also common. It leads to fever, pain, itching & rashes on skin. Cuts, wounds, Boils, Burns may required minor surgical procedures. Proper wound care is important for its healing. Conditions like Dermoid and Sebaceous cysts require surgical removal. Various cosmetic issues related to skin like white and black patches, rashes needs special care.

Sexual disorders and Menstrual problems

Sexual disorders and Menstrual problems:

Sexual disorders can be due to various causes. This issues need to be managed with proper diagnosis & its treatment along with educating the patients. Menstrual problems like Leucorrhea, painful cycles, infertility, urethritis, recurrent UTIs, etc are common in women.

Mental & Psychological problems

Mental & Psychological problems:

Today our life has become more and more stressful. Faulty food habits, lack of sound sleep, socio-economic instability, addiction of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, certain hormonal imbalance, etc are the main causes of it. Counseling of the patients as well as his family members are important for the diagnosis and further management.

Respiratory & ENT Problems

Respiratory & ENT problems:

We also see issues like tonsillitis, sinusitis, migraine, bronchitis, asthma, sore throat very often. Children as well as adults both are equally prone to it. Educating patients regarding airborne infections, allergies are also part of its management. Air pollution is also affecting the health of the general population.

Preventive Management

Preventive management :

Prevention of diseases is vital for the good health of the family and society. Educating everyone regarding prevention of various diseases, healthy life style, exercise and important of clean environment is crucial.



Encouraging parents to vaccinate their children for their wellbeing is part of our family interaction. We also offer non scheduled vaccination options like Flu vaccine, H1N1 (Swine flu) vaccine, Tetanus vaccine, Rabies, V. Zoster vaccine, uterine cancer vaccine, Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid vaccination, etc.

Muscolo-skeletal problems

Muscolo-skeletal problems :

Physical exertion, Accidental injury, faulty postural habits like continuous sitting in front of PCs, muscle weakness due to lack of exercises, all these cause pain as well as discomfort. Sports injuries and injuries due to faulty gym training or exercise is also increasing nowadays. Avoiding further injury by explaining the patients regarding the cause, is also important for long term cure.



Electro cardiogram is the primary tool to diagnose heart problems. Along with history, examination and other investigations we can diagnose and manage early onset of heart problems like Angina, MI (heart attack) and Arrhythmias. We also have offer blood sugar estimation with glucometer and Nebulizer facility for respiratory conditions.